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Looking In rough mixes
(Kevin Collins: guitar, Pat Stanley: drums, Ron VanH: guitar, Fred Schmidt: bass, Tossa Newcomb: vocals)
1. Any Less    Lyrics  
2. Back To Life    Lyrics  
3. I Heart Love    Lyrics  
4. Not Around    Lyrics  
5. Battlescar    Lyrics  
6. Fall In Love    Lyrics  
7. Change    Lyrics  
8. Happy    Lyrics  
9. Work It Out    Lyrics  
10. Looking In    Lyrics  
11. Leave    Lyrics  

Dandelion Dreams
(Kevin Collins: guitar, Pat Stanley: drums, Ron VanH: guitar, Jeff Vertido: bass, Tossa Newcomb: vocals)
1. Solid Ground    Lyrics   Download Solid Ground from iTunes
2. When Bad Things Happen    Lyrics   Download When Bad Things Happen from iTunes
3. What I Can Do    Lyrics   Download What I Can Do from iTunes
4. Lemonade    Lyrics   Download Lemonade from iTunes
5. Just A Boy    Lyrics   Download Just A Boy from iTunes
6. Cup Of Stars    Lyrics   Download Cup Of Stars from iTunes
7. Yeah    Lyrics   Download Yeah from iTunes
8. I Can't Breathe    Lyrics   Download I Can
9. Long Time    Lyrics   Download Long Time from iTunes
10. Rainy Day    Lyrics   Download Rainy Day from iTunes
11. IDK    Lyrics   Download IDK from iTunes
12. Coffee    Lyrics   Download Coffee from iTunes
13. Everything Has Changed    Lyrics   Download Everything Has Changed from iTunes

... as far as YOU know!
(Kevin Collins: guitar, Pat Stanley: drums, Ron VanH: guitar, Fred Schmidt: bass, Amanda Lynn Powell: vocals)
1. The Day    Lyrics   Download The Day from iTunes
2. Wouldn't Read About It    Lyrics   Download Wouldn
3. Hover    Lyrics   Download Hover from iTunes
4. Rain Wrinkles    Lyrics   Download Rain Wrinkles from iTunes
5. Door Into Summer    Lyrics   Download Door Into Summer from iTunes
6. Everyone Is Asking    Lyrics   Download Everyone Is Asking from iTunes
7. Someday    Lyrics   Download Someday from iTunes
8. The Game    Lyrics   Download The Game from iTunes
9. Telescope    Lyrics   Download Telescope from iTunes
10. This Moment    Lyrics   Download This Moment from iTunes
11. Lullaby    Lyrics   Download Lullaby from iTunes
12. Green In Reverse    Lyrics   Download Green In Reverse from iTunes
13. IDK    Lyrics   Download IDK from iTunes

Twelve Thirty Four
(Kevin Collins: guitar, Pat Stanley: drums, Big Red: bass, Ron VanH: guitar, Camille Neilson: vocals)
1. Breathe    Lyrics   Download Breathe from iTunes
2. Pajamas    Lyrics   Download Pajamas from iTunes
3. Thank You    Lyrics   Download Thank You from iTunes
4. You And Me    Lyrics   Download You And Me from iTunes
5. Baby I Love You    Lyrics   Download Baby I Love You from iTunes
6. So Long    Lyrics   Download So Long from iTunes

rain wrinkles
(Kevin Collins: guitar, Pat Stanley: drums, b. vox, Fred Schmidt: bass, b. vox, Vera Gekov: vocals)
1. Door Into Summer    Lyrics  
2. Lullaby    Lyrics  
3. Moonflower    Lyrics  
4. Pajamas    Lyrics  
5. Rain Wrinkles    Lyrics  
6. The Day    Lyrics  
7. Thinking of Leaving    Lyrics  
8. This Moment    Lyrics