about us

TooMuchFiction perform all original material that has been described as jazzy, alternative modern-rock. The music has been compared to bands ranging from Sarah McLachlan to The Police to Missing Persons to The Sundays, and each member brings a wide, diverse range of influences to the mix.

The North East Bay Area based band brings elements of both old and new music, incorporates electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synthesizers, electronic and acoustic drums, samples and other interesting tidbits. The band has forged a unique and identifiable sound that can only be described as TooMuchFiction.

TooMuchFiction was formed in 1993 and has remained an active fixture in several regional music scenes ever since. Guitarist Kevin Collins is the sole original (and founding) member, although Ron VanH joined in 2005 on electric and acoustic guitar.

In 2015 John Rose who plays standard and fretless electric bass guitar, as well as Chapman Stick joined the band, followed by drummer (and keyboardist) Marcel Berteaux in 2018.

We are currently in search of a female lead vocalist. If you are interested, please email Kevin