about us

TooMuchFiction is the result of years of collaboration between guitarist Kevin Collins and drummer Pat Stanley. Since 1993, this duo has remained the tight nucleus at the center of a seemingly ever-evolving rotation of talented musicians. Their partnership has led the band through various phases, at times more pop, jazz, alternative or rock, all the while staying true to their vision of what defines good music and a good band. Kevin and Pat have once again put together a new version of the band as a vehicle to showcase their music. In 2005, this core partnership was extended to include the addition of Ron VanH on electric and acoustic guitar.

We are happy to announce we have found our new bassist, John Rose! In addition to both standard and fretless electric bass guitar, John brings his talents on upright bass and Chapman Stick. More news to follow soon...

Melody Rhodes has officially joined the band as the lead vocalist. A recent transplant from Florida, she is quickly learning the back catalog and prepping for shows

Expect to see announcements soon on upcoming gigs!

TooMuchFiction perform all original material that has been described as jazzy, alternative modern-rock. The music has been compared to bands ranging from Sarah McLachlan to The Police to Missing Persons to The Sundays, and each member brings a wide, diverse range of influences to the mix.

The North East Bay Area based band brings elements of both old and new music, incorporates electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synthesizers, electronic and acoustic drums, samples and other interesting tidbits. The band has forged a unique and identifiable sound that can only be described as TooMuchFiction.