member bios

Melody Rhodes
(Vocals, lyrics)

Melody is a cork-sniffer. You may have heard this term before, usually in reference to wine-snobs or so-called "sommeliers" (a French word that literally translated means, "sniffer of plugs"). The term is used to indicate someone who is more interested in evaluating the wine than actually getting a buzz on...

Well, Melody is not that kind of cork-sniffer. No... she literally smells corks for a living. Possessing a rare genetic condition known as hyperfungicorkilus, she has the ability to detect minute traces of specific fungi that can infest certain types of cork, thus spoiling potential prize-winning vintages it comes into contact with.

Her singing tends to have a nasal quality...

For more information on her amazing gift, please refer to her website:

Kevin Collins
(Electric Guitar, Guitar Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics)

One of the two founding members of TooMuchFiction, Kevin has spent the majority of the past 20 years engaged in Property Development and Philanthropy. Kevin has worked tirelessly to create a chain of Orphanages across the US in the "Depression style of the 1930's".

"Why reinvent the wheel" as he is fond of saying.......Kevin and his real-estate development team scour the countryside in search of some of the most famous "children's homes" of the past... Occasionally they find these facilities have been converted into Day Spa's....but most have just been boarded up, These massive properties just sit there waiting for someone with Kevin's vision to pour life back into the "old bones" Kevin enjoys spending his free time gold mining at his Yukon Ranch in Alaska and always looks forward to creating new songs with the rest of the band. He is always looking for property leads....and can be reached at

Ron VanH
(Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Backing Vocals, Lyrics)

Ron, a seasoned designer and engineer....Ron was most recently inspired by all of the political rhetoric over the high speed rail project. "you can lead a horse to water....." as his father used to say, so Ron decided to offer up a different course of action. Working closely with Pat's Deep SIX team, Ron has developed a high speed underwater monorail system. Pat and Ron have been working on the "super Cavitation Bubble" system for the trains, and are very close to their first test run of the new engine.

The tourist-revenue generating aspect of this mode of transport has not escaped Ron's keen investment eyes either...He is quietly working with several Cruise ship lines and the folks at Disney to develop non-commuter versions of this underwater train. Safer and faster than a cruise ship, these "EEL TRAINS" as he likes to call them, could provide island to island tourist routes all over the globe....You can visit Ron at his website

John Rose
(Bass Guitar, Upright bass, Chapman Stick)

John is a simple man. Not in a "lives in a small cottage in the woods and grows his own food" sort of way... more like a "Simple Jack" sort of way (Tropic Thunder reference, in case you don't get it).

He is just plain simple. As such, he makes a perfect bassist!

In his spare time (and let's face it, most of his time is spare!) John maintains a blog where he discusses his favorite food:

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