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Singer Wanted
(Vocals, Lyrics)

Please contact us if you are interested in auditioning.

Kevin Collins
(Electric Guitar, Guitar Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics)

Music is the purest art. It has the ability to span generations. Music can touch and move people of the most diverse interests and backgrounds with a single, well placed note. It can bring joy, sadness, anger and ecstacy. I am very proud and happy that I have the opportunity to attempt my art with the people in my band. Whether another person is ever moved is secondary, as it moves me to create it and perform it.

I have been highly influenced by a very broad range of music - too broad to go into details. I do have to recognize that both Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani are responsible for leading my musical journey from harder music to its current result. These two men seemingly can play just about any type of music with both dedication and inspiring capability, and I strive to follow their course.

While the music we perform does not allow me the freedom to pursue the instrumental aspect at that level, I get just as much satisfaction from playing the perfect chords to support the vocals.

Ron VanH
(Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Backing Vocals, Lyrics)

I'm a Canadian, eh? But the rest of the band tries not to hold it against me :)

My first instrument (if we discount the recorder) was the trumpet, which led to early musical experiences in Concert and Jazz bands and symphony orchestras. In high school I took up guitar, playing in rock musical productions with a youth group. Over the years I studied finger-style acoustic, flamenco, classical and rock guitar styles.

After coming to Sacramento I began playing in the Skip's Weekend Warriors program with a succession of bands and eventually linking up with the other members to create FaultZone which played around the area for the past 3 years. I look forward to filling in the TooMuchFiction sound with clean rhythm and fingerstyle riffs.

John Rose
(Bass Guitar, Chapman Stick)

Bio coming soon...

Marcel Berteaux
(Drums, percussion, keyboards)

Bio coming soon...

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